Small Cap Trade Programs


Under 100 million programs provides access to small cap trade programs including those which are covered by insurance and contractually guaranteed income.

Essential points 

  • All programs are subject to refresh/change or closure to new applicants at any time. Occasionally, very lucrative opportunities arise without coming to open forums. In any case, the platforms offer the best available and most suitable programs available at the point the investor passes compliance/due diligence, and not necessarily when the applicant is informed by PPP DIRECT. Availability of programs is very fluid and therefore can not be assured
  • Larger high yielding platforms/trade groups do not allow the actual returns to be quoted openly. Indicative returns are available to those that request information. Returns from small cap programs are presented as informed by the providers of the product
  • Actual returns are quoted in contracts on a case-by-case basis and are confidential. A number of factors such as – whether cash is being used, the type of instrument being used, overall value (size) of investment, the bank rating and the rating of the jurisdiction where the capital/instrument is held etc all effect and vary the yield. The type of structure and hold agreed are also an important factor
  • Investor’s contract is with the particular provider of the selected program and can vary according to the structure of the program at the time of agreement
  • provides direct contact with the relevant Provider after the investor clears compliance/due diligence

In order to be accepted, it is of utmost importance that the submitted documentation is truthful, fully verifiable and compliant with the listed requirements and procedures. Time-wasters and those providing erroneous information and those not moving forward after commitment can be blacklisted and become identifiable to all platforms


  • 1 million Eur or USD minimum entry level

  • Upper limit is 10 billion

  • This program started as a compounding program but due to its popularity there is a wait for the appointment for opening the sole signatory bank account (in client’s name) for sub-50m clients Therefore, the platform has introduced a 10-day bullet program to assist clients during the waiting time.

  • 60% of the return from the bullet is retained and added to the initial intended amount and will be placed in the 40-week compounding program. In round figures – approximately half-a-million will be added  from the bullet program for every original 1 million into the compounding program, pro rata.

  • 40% from the bullet is paid out after the 10-day bullet.

  • Client can agree, with the trade group, the percentage that he/she wishes to compound weekly in the compounding program. 

PROCEDURES depend on the amount of initial investment

Below 50 million

  • From 1- 49 million the application has to be in an individual (not corporate) name

  • Proof of funds can be from a personal or corporate account

  • For applicants below 50 m the funds have to be placed in the trade bank in Zurich. Client has to attend to open the sole signatory account (in his/her own name) and can meet the trade group representative at the same time. The funds in the clients account by Internal Hold for 13 months for the compounding trade

  • The trade group will assist the client to open his/her account. Where a travel visa is required an appointment letter can be provided to show reason for the need to travel to Switzerland

  • The applicant must be the legal owner/controller of the funds

  • Clients are asked to check that regulations of  their current bank and country allow  transfer of the intended amount before applying

  • European trader and platform buying and selling securities from A+ rated banks

  • 10% notarised Profit Share Agreement with the promoter of this program will be required before the client’s file is submitted to the platform. The client will receive an official offer document from the platform after an initial due diligence.

50 m and above

  • For corporate clients with funds over 50 million – the funds can remain in the client’s present bank, provided it is a top rated bank that agrees to a MT799 or MT760 hold. Otherwise the platform can assist the opening of the account in the trade bank, as explained above

  • The application has to be in a “Corporate” name

  • Clients (over 50 m) who are keeping their funds in their present account by MT799 or MT760 block do not need to travel to Zurich, unless they want to meet a representative of the trade group

  • All other information is for below 50m, as above

This program could close or the terms and conditions may change for new applicants at any time. Therefore interested parties need to act promptly.

Historical / projected returns

  • 340,000 (approx) net disbursement from 10-day bullet trade. The remaining 500,000 net from the bullet is held by the trade group for adding on to the amount the client has committed to the compounding program. These figures are based on the minimum 1 m entry and are pro rata

  • 850 Million (approx) net return over the course of the 40-week compounding trade based on 75% compounding from weekly profits (from week 5). This figure is based on the minimum 1 m entry and is pro rata.

  • Profits from the compounding program will vary depending on the (a) percentage agreed/set for compounding and (b) the LTV obtained on the blocked funds. The LTV will vary depending on the bank/jurisdiction and type of block agreed. Block by MT760 draws greater LTV.

  • Full disclosure and terms & conditions, including projected returns, will be provided in writing by the platform to those that pass the initial stages of the Compliance Process. The above summary is for information only but is based on the information provided by the platform.


  • Completion of the specially adapted initial/brief KYC provided by PPP-Direct for this pair of programs will be required. The process will begin on the basis of this brief KYC  including colour passport (140% enlarged), and current Proof of Funds. The remaining Compliance Documents will be produced by the platform and issued for signing stage by stage. Some documents will require notarisation.

  • All signatures must be hand signed in blue wet ink

  • Clients will have a conference call to discuss the aspects of the program after passing compliance

  • Client will be required to attend at the trade bank to open his/her personal account into which he/she will be required to transfer the funds

Platform will assist the opening of a bank account in Zurich after the agreements are signed.


Please be aware that providers of opportunities on can alter the terms and conditions without notice, and so procedures and pay-outs may vary from the above. The clients are responsible for their own due diligence, which can begin after the client  is put into contact with the provider of the program.

To register your interest for the bullet and compounding  programs please request the special “Brief KYC” by quoting “Bullet & Compounding opportunity” in the comment box.

10 million plus programs

Various opportunities are available for clients with 10 m and over

Full disclosure and terms & conditions (inc returns) are provided by the platform to those that pass Compliance and are ready, willing and able.


  • Fully completed New PPP-Direct Know Your Client (KYC) sheet including colour passport (140% enlarged) and original signatures and initials in wet blue ink
  • Business card(s) of the bank officer(s) that are mentioned in the CIS are an advantage
  • Proof of Funds showing the bank name and address, client’s/company name, address, account number, balance, and date
  • PoF and KYC dated the same day and to be no more than 2 days old
  • If applying as a corporation – please complete the corporate resolution, within the CIS, putting forward one of the directors as the sole signatory
  • Clients will have a conference call to discuss all aspects of the program


Please be aware that providers of opportunities on www.ppp-direct can change/alter terms and conditions without notice, and so procedures and pay-outs may vary from the above. The clients are responsible for their own due diligence, which can begin after the client passes Compliance and is put into contact with the provider by PPP-DIRECT. You will have the opportunity to review documents and ask questions of the provider of the program.

When submitting your documents for this program please quote “10 m opportunities” in the comment box.


DISCLAIMER: is not a licensed securities dealer, broker or US investment adviser or registered with any equivalent licencing/monitoring authority of any country, including the Financial Conduct Authority, or a certified public accountant or financial adviser. None of the information contained herein constitutes a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content, nor an offer to sell and/or buy securities and or properties. Any completed transaction is strictly one of private placement, and is in no way relying upon, or relating to the United States of America Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or related regulations. Merely describing the details of an existing private placement program does not constitute an offer or solicitation of any kind and, if presented, is done so as a request for information.