Bullet Trades – Explanation

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Bullet Programs 

Bullet programs (accelerated trades) can be available. Bullets are sometimes available and make the beginning of programs very attractive, but they are available only for brief windows and their availability cannot be predicted.

However, bullets become available as and when during the trade programs as well. Those clients in trades benefit from available bullets as and when they become available. Bullets are time limited and usually re-occurring.

Bullet programs can have varying forms. Some are single or they can be of a multi-step nature. Their availability is very fluid, time limited and difficult to predict.

The aim should be to get into a trade, rather than expect or demand bullets at the beginning. The bullets will come and make the overall returns over the period of the program highly rewarding.

Same day enhanced payment programs

At times there are programs where the client is paid the year’s value of profit upfront upon acceptance often with enhancements at the onset. But the window of opportunities for these is usually short and so clients need to be ready to act instantly.


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